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If one is serious about buying a house, there are many, many questions. The bottom line is there is a whole lot one needs to know before spending the bottom line, which often means top dollar.

The reason for a dedicated house-hunting property web site is that 15 to 25 pictures and one simple floor plan if it’s available, at best, just doesn’t make it in this real world of information highway high tech.

Sure, many people probably think that one quick visit inside a house is enough to make that house a home, provided the property is “priced right” and the nearest neighbors don’t live in permanent derelict dwellings.

we’re different

The bottom line is that we respect you, your interest and questions, your intelligence.

We think you should know everything you want to know, not just what a typical seller or REALTOR® thinks you need to know.


  • We offer you not only a complete floor plan, but a plan of the entire property.
  • We offer detailed pictures, and a floor plan of each and every room.
  • We explain what’s there, what stays, what’s negotiable, and what goes.
  • We want you to know the house and the property “inside and out” before you ever set foot on the property, or even consider making or accepting an offer.
  • We want you to know the neighbors and the neighborhood, what nearby businesses there are, where you might go to buy food.
  • We want this property to be a near perfect match for you, the last thing in the world that we want is for you to just “settle.” We want enthusiasm and joy. After all, this is where you will live.
  • And after everything else we want you be able to reach out to a real estate professional, to be able to get answers to necessary questions, to get guidance about alternatives if this very special house and property is not right for you.

It’s a new way to look at a house and property; it’s a new way to purchase a property.
And please bear with us, we won’t have everything up in a day, so check back as often as you want for as long as you’re interested.

The bottom line is that you have lots of options, and we will be happy to present and explain the options in a property overview.


It’s very simple, just click on what you want to see, or where you want to go based on the active links below.

[*Please be patient, a very recent and previously uncommunicated change in The Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS® (GAAR) local rules regarding “Coming Soon” properties has unfortunately delayed the information process that we had carefully planned on. Hopefully there will be a roll-back of this disturbing new rule, unique to Albuquerque. This local rule change is not real estate law, and is not binding on anyone not a registered REALTOR®.

If there isn’t a roll-back, we will forge ahead, without the previously available beneficial services of the REALTOR® association membership. And that’s OK, because maybe it is time for really great changes in the way houses are bought and sold.]


1514 Silver Site Plan.
1514 Silver 1st Floor floor plan.
1514 Silver Basement floor plan.
Huning Castle Addition – Block 15 – platted lots.
Huning Castle Addition – Block 15 – Sanborn Fire map, 1950 era houses.