There is one thing that many real estate agents in Albuquerque will not tell you.  It is the first thing that every real estate professional learns.  What is that one thing?  It is that there are three factors that determine the value of a property – location, location, and location.

In fairness, real estate people need to earn a living, and the simple fact is, the best locations generally have so few properties for sale, or even for rent, that most real estate agents would starve if most people gave much thought to location.  It’s the “swamp land in Florida, the desert bungalow development 100 miles south of Phoenix, thing,” marketing sells.  That’s why most real estate professionals market a house, not a city, a neighborhood, much less the best location within a neighborhood.

In a global society, a good argument can be made that even the state is important when it comes to location.  A few years ago Nevada “beat out” New Mexico for a Tesla (car battery) plant because Nevada had a much better location, for Tesla.  Nevada was much closer to the Fremont, California, Tesla site.  Nevada had deposits of lithium.

A Map of New Mexico

A Map of New Mexico

It is to New Mexico’s credit that out of 50 states in America, New Mexico was one of the best five locations, according to Tesla.  I agree, but I would even go further.  I was born in Nevada.  I like the state.  But, as a state to live in, even to work in, I like New Mexico better.

I’m not a battery maker.  I like walking and bicycling, and not just cars.  I prefer tablelands and vivid sunsets and cultural tradition over the latest in factories.  I’ve done shift work in factories.  New Mexico doesn’t need more factory shift workers.  California and Nevada are so about cars.  New Mexico is different.  That’s my opinion.  That’s my experience.

Historic Albuquerque

Historic Albuquerque

The first LOCATION is the state that one lives in, or might think about moving to.  The second LOCATION is the city (if one values the life of a city).  The third LOCATION is the neighborhood in the city.

OK, I’m partial.  I live in the Huning Castle neighborhood.  This Website is about the house and property located at 1514 Silver Avenue SW – in NEW MEXICO – in ALBUQUERQUE.

Huning Castle Area Bike Trip

Huning Castle Area Bike Trip

the square foot myth

Going back, the property at 1514 Silver was sold as a house, by the “Albuquerque square foot.” The theory is that generally all houses in Albuquerque are worth about the same depending almost entirely on size.

I paid no premium for the Huning Castle Neighborhood location, so very near downtown, Old Town, Tingley Park and the Bio-Park, and the Zoo. There was no premium for hearing the Zoo lions roar, or seeing the cranes fly above. There was no premium for walkability, or bike-ability.

it’s all a great PLACE

I have friends that live in every area and corner of this great city.  Some live where they do to be close to school or to work.  Some like living in a tract of similar looking, all the same type, new houses or fairly new houses.  Some live where they do because they think “the country club neighborhood” is too snooty, too Anglo, or too expensive.  In the last three respects, they are wrong.

Old saws die hard.  Every STATE, every CITY, every NEIGHBORHOOD should be a match for the people, or person, that lives there.  Any person will be unhappy if he or she would like to be living elsewhere.  So many people would like to live “elsewhere,” meaning a new neighborhood, a new city, a new state.

In this Website I make the case for New Mexico, for Albuquerque, and for Huning Castle specifically.  The quality of life offered by the Huning Castle neighborhood may be among the best kept residential secrets on the planet; perhaps that is changing.

location, location, location

It is 1,634 miles from 1514 Silver to the Everglades (swamplands) in Florida.  It is 420 miles from 1514 Silver to Phoenix, Arizona.  It is 1,020 miles from 1514 Silver to the Tesla plant east of Sparks, Nevada.  It is 1,400 feet (1/4 mile) from 1514 Silver SW to the Albuquerque Country Club oval.

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