Albuquerque Journal – April 25, 1929

The Huning Castle Addition

Please be patient a bit longer and—

Then you will find an entirely new part of Albuquerque at your disposal. South of Central avenue and west of Fourteenth street, you will soon find that the Huning Castle Addition will be ready to welcome you. Paved streets and all other improvements that go to make up a most modern, most desirable residential district.

More than a half century ago, Franz Huning, one of Albuquerque’s first settlers, selected for his home a large tract of land on what is now West Central avenue, west of Fourteenth. Here he built the Huning Castle, one of the show places of the city. Here he planted trees and shrubs and grew flowers, demonstrating the fertility of the soil and the agricultural and horticultural possibilities of the grounds.

Huning Castle Addition is carved out of the original Huning Castle grounds. City planners have laid out the streets and avenues according to 1929 ideas. There are no alleys in the addition, but each lot is wide enough to permit a driveway from the front for the accommodation of motor cars. The lots are so platted that each owner will receive and enjoy a maximum of freedom and comfort.

Streets are wide and have good lines. Every effort has been made by the designers to get away from cut and dried ideas in subdividing, to offer home builders something in the way of a lot that will afford them joy and happiness for years to come. The predominating thought has been to make available for home builders a district in which residence may be constructed not only for use and enjoyment for a year, or a few years, but for many, many years. To that end engineering problems have been most intelligently handled. Because of that, most stringent restrictions have been inserted in deeds of conveyance, affording to purchasers a positive, absolute declaration and covenant that no one can build, or will be permitted to build a structure that is not in harmony with the district.

People are to be asked and invited to buy lots and build homes in the Huning Castle Addition with the express understanding that commercial ventures are prohibited and will not be tolerated. People are to be invited to make their homes in the Huning Castle district with assurance that they may plant trees and put in lawns and beautify their premises as a permanent proposition.

Every effort has been made to make Huning Castle Addition something entirely new in subdivisions in Albuquerque. The owners of the addition reached the conclusion that Albuquerque was ready now to get into the big city class in the way of subdivisions, and the Huning Castle Addition is the result.

Within the next two or three weeks you will be able to drive west from Tenth street on Park avenue straight through the Huning Castle Addition to Albuquerque’s new and beautiful County Club. Central avenue is being paved west from Fifteenth street to a point where it intersects with Laguna Boulevard, and within a short time you may drive through Huning Castle Addition to the new Country Club and pick up a new road, taking you two miles south to Rio Grande Park.

Atmosphere for a home place means something. Environment means something. Atmosphere plus environment mean almost everything. Huning Castle Addition will offer everything worth while to a person thinking of a new home. Think it over. You wish to live in a place where you will be happy. You will be happy in the Huning Castle Addition.

Huning Castle Addition Company – A New Mexico Corporation
Owners and Developers of the Huning Castle Addition, Albuquerque’s Newest, Most Desirable Subdivision.