new mexico weather – November 16, 2014

remnants of Pacific Ocean storm Nuri

Source:  National Weather Service, Web, and Press Reports

A storm passed through New Mexico on this date, bringing snow to much of the state.  Temperatures were in the single digits in some areas.

Highs in Albuquerque were in the upper-30s to mid-40s, they were in the upper teens and 20s at night.  7 inches of snow were reported in parts of Torrance County.    Moriarty received up to 7 inches, Clines Corners received 3 inches.

Torrence County

Torrence County

The New Mexico Department of Transportation reported a multi-vehicle wreck on snow-packed Interstate 40 near Clines Corners shortly before noon on Sunday.  I-40 traffic backed up for miles in both directions in eastern Torrance County until late Sunday afternoon, with semi-tractor trailers disabled on the roadsides.

Angel Fire, in Colfax County, received 15 inches of snow.

Record-low temperatures in the single digits were forecast for this morning in some areas of northern and eastern New Mexico, including Las Vegas, Moriarty, Tucumcari and Fort Sumner.

The storm ended late Sunday, no significant snowfall is expected through the remainder of the week.  The state will experience a warming trend by mid-week.  Albuquerque and areas west of the Rio Grande should see high temperatures in the mid-50s with lows in the mid-30s, a return to near-normal temperatures.

Note:  This is a weather summary.  Please consult actual weather records for relevant locations and dates for specific information.

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