Not every community has seasons, at least not four seasons.  Albuquerque does.  New Mexico does.  The Huning Castle neighborhood does.

All the leaves are green, and the sky is grey.
– Apologies to California Dreamin’

So, autumn begins on September 23, in 2014.   You might think that this date might bring the first day of freezing weather.  If you live in Huning Castle, in Albuquerque, you would be wrong, not “wrong”, but wrong about the weather facts.

The fact is that the first freeze, the one that brings down the leaves, was on November 12th this year, in 2014.  1514 Silver SW has a mulberry tree out front, a fruitless mulberry, the mulberry without the mulberries.

When the cold comes, the leaves drop.  When the cold comes early and hard the leaves shower down like a storm, like a carpet, like green snow maybe; not like a green felt jungle.

A night's freeze leaves leaves

A night’s freeze leaves leaves

We do the “green thing”.  We recycle the leaves.  We mulch them and bag the mulch.  We used to bag the leaves and someone would take them away to feed their sheep.  In other years a neighborhood resident took our leaves to built up his backyard soil.  That’s life in the ‘hood here, sharing, helping, keeping things green.

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