“Better see Saul,” has a better ring to it, but no ring, no phone.  Today’s world seems more about staying connected by cellphones than by actual face time, as in face-to-face, real-life & real-time, communications.

Better Call Saul is the spin-off of the Breaking Bad series, and like Breaking Bad, much of the new series is being filmed in the Huning Castle neighborhood.  Two or three houses just west of Forest Park is the site of most filming.  The film trucks and film food trucks fill the park byways and sometimes it’s hard to get by them.  Call a lawyer if you’re inconvenienced, but maybe not Saul.

So, Saul (the fictional character, the lawyer) lives in the Huning Castle neighborhood.  Actually, a number of real lawyers live here in Huning Castle.  Some of the lawyers are a bit like Saul, rich, or trying to get rich, and are a bit shady.  Most Huning Castle neighborhood lawyers, however, are nice, or at least a lot nicer.  “Nice” lawyers can get the job done, too.  The idea that you need a “Bad” lawyer is just another Hollywood myth.

So, “Breaking the Bad” Hollywood myth has recently gone viral.  An Albuquerque law firm, Revo + Smith,  has bought a few billboards around this great town that put out the truth to the Hollywood lie.  The simple truth is, “Do NOT call SAUL,” (capitalization may vary).

The lawyers I talk to in the Huning Castle neighborhood, I talk to in person.  I talk to lawyers in the parks, I “just say Hi,” as I pass them on the streets.  I don’t seek free legal advice.  I probably don’t need any.  That’s Saul’s world, and Saul is basically fiction.

So, I send my best to the lawyers and law firm @  Revo + Smith .  Big type gets peoples’ attention.  Or, as Terrence Revo and Roger Smith say:

We want to distance ourselves from the “Sauls” of the world.

Like many lawyers, what they say is half right.  I’m sure that there are many good Sauls in the world, maybe some may even live in Huning Castle, the neighborhood, or would like to move to the Huning Castle neighborhood.  But, the good Sauls are probably not lawyers.  And IF they are lawyers, they should sue Saul, sue the Breaking Bad firm, sue for all the unintended “Bad” publicity, “Saul v. Saul,” it has a nice ring.