HUNING CASTLE Neighborhood
albuquerque, New mexico

October 26, 2014


The fall (autumn) season in the Huning Castle neighborhood is marked by the overflights of cranes returning to sites such as Bosque Del Apache, by fall leaves and fall colors, by the bounty of backyard and side-yard gardens, and (for many) by the harvest of homegrown fruit from neighborhood trees.  The end of October also brings Halloween and the traditions of costumes and sharing.  The neighborhood celebrates all of this annually with a neighborhood get-together and outing at the Forest Park oval.

The event is officially supported and sanctioned by the Huning Castle Neighborhood Association (HCNA) for the benefit and enjoyment of all neighborhood residents.  Festivities begin about 2:00 PM and are often over by 4:00.  Most residents walk to Forest Park, often in the company of neighbors or friends.

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