“Mi casa es su casa,” my house is your house.  OK, not really.  I’m not really ready to sell.  OK, I’m not really ready to rent either.  I like the neighborhood, the extended neighborhood, the city.  I love the state, New Mexico.  I love it that you can live here and not be political here.  The Roundhouse (in Santa Fe) seems so far away when the legislature is in session.

However, I might change my mind about selling.  The house would be, could be, a great place to rent.  I might even consider (at some point) a “house exchange” for a month or two – your house in Moscow or Stockholm or Hong Kong (or elsewhere) for my house in Albuquerque, right here.  Although I don’t think anyone could even begin to explore New Mexico, its cultures, its resources, and its scenic beauty in anything close to a year.  It might take a lifetime, or at least what might be left in time, in a lifetime.  Even just one day here is probably a good start.

I guess it is like those Viking River Cruise brochures I keep getting.  It’s called marketing.  The company knows you will never go on a cruise that you don’t know about.  The company knows that you need to know not only the price, but every last detail.  That’s why their passenger guests are so satisfied, they had time to think the decision over for months, maybe years.  They became informed.  Then it was easy to decide.

Viking charges from $500 to $1,400 per night, for room on a boat with a bath.  I know a boat can be ever so cool, but probably not $15,000 per month “cool” for a place to live while experiencing culture.  My house, is far more spacious, has decks, has indoor and outdoor eating areas, it even has trees that grow fresh and organic food.  And, the neighbors, and neighborhoods, are probably more interesting.  And, my house, were I to decide to sell it (or rent it), is so much cheaper (meaning far less expensive) than that room on a boat.

If I don’t sell my house, my information might entice you to, as Mr. Rogers said, “be my neighbor.”  New neighbors don’t just come from Albuquerque anymore.  That’s what is so cool and amazing about reaching out on the web.  An interested person can come from anywhere; from Boston, from New York, from Hong Kong that has such a high cost of living; from Seattle or Austin, from the cold weather in Santa Fe, from even Hawaii (to escape an expensive island in the middle of an ocean).  There are so many reasons a person might move.

“Won’t you please be my neighbor?”      – Mr. Rogers

The second great reason why “My house might be your house” is about the ideas.  Start with design.  Explore building methods and building materials.  Explore walls and wall design(s), plants and planting, interior design options, building options, the potential of lots, the juxtaposition of streets and parks and how they effect views.

You might, borrow by example.  You might see an idea or design that makes sense that you like.  You might want to design a kitchen that has “easy access” from the garage, or to a covered patio eating area, or has a spacious glass door refrigerator.   You might want pointers on how to design accessible roofs that are “luminaria ready”.  You might just want pictures of luminaria lighting.  So many ideas, so little time.

Make my day, make your day, make me an offer – but please wait until I am ready.

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